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What are the rules of the game of volleyball? -- you've come to right place!

Need Volleyball Rules in a Hurry?

Here you go: International FIVB Indoor Volleyball Rules or USA Volleyball Indoor and Beach Rules (scroll to bottom of page for Indoor or Beach link). NCAA Women's rules can be found at in publications. High school rules aren't online as of this writing. US players, be advised that we use several volleyball rulesets here in the USA. It's important to know what rules are applicable to you.

Volleyball Rules information I've written:

USA Volleyball Rules

Unless otherwise noted, all rules questions and answers refer to the current year's USA Volleyball indoor rules. Everyone should have a copy of the rule book! Buy one to have in your bag! Or join USA Volleyball and get one as part of your annual membership.

If you're looking to play or referee in the Chicagoland area around Chicago, IL, check out the USA Volleyball Great Lakes Region Homepage

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Volleyball Rules and Officiating -- Links to other resources:

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A growing online posting forum focused on volleyball rules and techniques! Set up by Brian Hemelgarn (USAV Commissioner or RVA Referee Development). The most authoritative officials forum you'll find since Brian is on the National Rating Team and on track for international certification. Now hosted here at!
The newsgroup frequently asked question (FAQ) list
A must-read for all players/aspiring officials, but not terribly up to date, nor precise.
Volleyball Worldwide Rules Page
Includes links to FIVB rules on-line, USAV rule books, full text of AVP rules, abridged CBVA rules, and ordering information for various rule books.'s kinda dated (worse than my pages!).
Chesapeke Region USA Volleyball Officiating pages
If you're a USA Volleyball referee, you MUST see this site. They've assembled a large number of outstanding articles on techniques, match control, ball handling, you name it.
Todd Haugland's Volleyball Officiating Page
He's the other "Todd H." of the web who's a USAV referee.'s Volleyball Rules link page
Scott Hammon has collected some resources on volleyball rules.
Rec.Sport.Volleyball Newsgroup
Got a question that's not covered in these resources? This newsgroup is frequented by national officials and many other folks who can answer your questions. Be sure to read the FAQ before you post your question, though!

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