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As a USA Volleyball player and National official, I have compiled information on refereeing and places to play in both Austin, TX and the NW suburbs of Chicago.

We are also host now to the USA Volleyball National Officials' Forum for Volleyball referees and scorekeepers. Ask all your officiating and rules questions here at

Hey Ref! Todd's Volleyball Rules and Officiating Page with searchable Q&A page. Net, Court, Sand Volleyball net height and sand volleyball court construction info.

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Doubles Icon How to make the transition--indoor 6's to doubles (guest article by Tom Wilson)

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Chicago! Open gyms in the NW Suburbs of
Chicago, IL
UOK icon U OK? USA Volleyball Club of Palatine, IL

If you're looking to play or referee in and around Chicago, IL, check out the Great Lakes Region USA Volleyball Homepage for outdoor and indoor action. Of particular use are the adult players looking for teams and teams looking for players pages where you can post or find teams in the hunt. For our sand action, see MVP Volleyball at Spike Volleyball also runs indoor and grass tournaments in the area including the famed Luau grass tourney at the end of summer. Finally, Maryville academy hosts the annual Spike For Kids volleyball tournament (grass) in the summer as well, run by Tom Corr.

Links to other good resources:

  1. Volleyball Worldwide, the definitive Volleyball Web Site. Tough to navigate, but quite extensive.
  2. Scott Hammon has a page that rivals and is much easier to navigate.
  3. Love volleyball? Check out On this Internet discussion group (USENET news), read discussions among other volleyball devotees on topics from rules, to drills, techniques, to your favorite teams from around the world.
  4. Pat Powers web page. If you want to help your game, go to a clinic. If Pat's in your area, I highly recommend his clinic. It helped me immensely.

Photo of Todd HaverkosAbout the author: Todd Haverkos is a computer engineer, USA Volleyball certified National Referee (2001), USA Volleyball Regional scorekeeper, PAVO State Referee, and a USA Volleyball Certified Beach Referee (2002). Todd co-founded and maintains the U OK? Volleyball Club in Palatine, IL USA. On the court, he's an outside hitter and defensive specialist at the USAV men's B/BB level and in his younger days played beach doubles at the EVP BB level. He officiates a variety of women's collegiate play, USA Volleyball indoor club play at all levels, and has worked professional beach volleyball in WPVA, BVA, FIVB, and AVP settings. Todd began officiating sports at the age of 12, and has been playing, officiating, and dissecting the rules of competitive volleyball since 1993.

Students, I love to help spread knowledge about volleyball to those who are interested, but I do get cranky when I get asked questions that smell like verbatim homework questions. Actual examples I've received include: "Explain three ways to win a rally." and "Would you tell me 7 main differences and 7 main similarities between beach- volleyball and indoor court volleyball?" "We are doing a project on the olympics and my group has the sport volleyball can you send me the volleyball timeline okay my time is up in class i got to go... A.S.A.P." and most recently I had some lazy punk ask me to convert 8mx16m into feet and inches for him! At least think about the questions before sending them to me, and I'll cheerfully assist. Otherwise, you may end up mentioned here. 8-)

I welcome your constructive comments, honest questions, and suggestions! Send feedback to {tdh} (at) {vbref} (dot) {org}

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