Outdoor Sand Volleyball in Austin, TX

Disclaimer!! I do not speak for any of the organizations mentioned below...I merely participate in their events!

Outdoor Sand Volleyball in Austin, TX

Zilker Park Sand Courts
4 public open-play sand courts are located in Zilker Park on Barton Springs Road just east of MoPac. The courts are on the north side of Barton Springs Road in the rear of a large green space. This green space is just east of the Zilker Botanical Gardens.

Since the courts are a ways off the road and down a grade, you can't easily see them from the road. If you turn north at the first driveway east of the Zilker Botanical gardens on Barton Springs Road, you should be able to see them. If anyone can provide more precise directions, please submit them!

The competition ranges from recreational slop on court 4 (the west-most court) to high-level doubles play on court one. Most courts have acceptable nets, but no boundary lines. Warning: Court 3 has a large, hidden rock (or slab of concrete!) buried in its shallow sand. The other 3 courts have no hazards as of my last visit.

Pease Park
Pease Park has 2 (maybe 3) netless public sand courts. The park is located on the west side of Lamar Blvd just south of Windsor. Bring your own net and lines. The park is fairly active during the warm months, so a pick-up game is not out of the question for the netless. Nets may be rented from Austin Parks and Recreation. Call them for more details.

The Pier on Lake Austin
I've been informed that the Pier has dismantled their volleyball court.

Aussies Volleybar and Grill
Aussies has two professional-quality sand courts behind their restaurant on 306 Barton Springs Road near downtown Austin. For more information, call them at

Aussies also has a variety of leagues throughout the warmer months. Call for their open play schedule.

Volente Beach
16107 Wharf Cove on Lake Travis. (512) 258 5109. To get there:
  1. Take 183 north to route 620.
  2. Take a left on 620.
  3. Follow the signs to Volente by taking a right on route 2769 and following it to the end.

Volente Beach opens at 11am daily, and closes at 10pm weekdays and 11pm on weekends. $4 daily admission gives you access to the swim area, picnic area, 3 lighted pro beach volleyball courts.

Carlos 'N Charlies at Emerald Point (Lake Travis)
Emerald Point is a regular stop for the women's pro beach volleyball (WPVA) tour and will host the men's AVP tour in September of 1996. This top-notch facility on lake Travis sits next to Carlos and Charlies restaurant. There is no charge to enter the complex, however a $2 fee gives you volleyball-playin' rights for the day. The volleyball complex closes shortly after sunset.

Carlos 'N Charlies is located on Hiline Rd. near Emerald Point Marina on Lake Travis. To get there by land:

  1. Take 2222 west out of Austin.
  2. Take a left on route 620. Follow 620 past Mansfield dam.
  3. Take a right on Hudson Bend Road.
  4. Follow Hudson Bend for about two miles. Just about when you think you're lost you'll see signs directing you to Emerald Point via Hiline Road. For more information, call them at 266-1683.
Ranch at Cypress Creek
StantoninAustin@webtv.net (Stanton Scott) writes: "The "ranch at cypress creek" has five maintained sand courts,mens and womens. Near 620 & Volente Rd.(6 mi. from Volente Beach).....never used. If you know of any players out this way, contact me at this address....rules play only."

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