USA Volleyball Adult Nationals 2005 - Denver, CO

I brought the camera and took a boatload of pics between officiating assignments! Thanks for your patience as I get them organized and up here. If you're interested in some, or like what ya see, email me {tdh} (AT) {vbref} (DOT) {org} with the file number and I'll see what I can do to help y'all out!

Photos of Great Lakes Region (Chicago & Northern , IL) Teams:

Non-Great Lakes Photos:

Photo geek notes (hey it takes one to know one): I shoot with a Canon 300D (Digital Rebel). Most photos were shot with the 550EX flash for fill and motion stopping at ISO 800 or 1600 (to avoid the blasted look). My trip to Denver was travelling light with only the flash and two lenses: the standard 18-55mm EF-S kit lens and the Canon 75-300mm f/4.0-5.6 EF IS. The image stabilization in the IS lens is handy to negate camera shake when zoomed in, but if I had my full camera bag, I'd have used more of my f/2.8 70-210mm lens to achieve higher shutter speeds and use less flash. The JPG's should have EXIF data intact for more details. I've been shooting sports since 1991 when I began my photojournalism tour of duty as photo editor of the Univ of Dayton yearbook covering all of their sports teams. Photo albums created in Macromedia Dreamweaver MX using their Web Photo Album 2.1 script. I created a custom template modeled after their "Professional" layout and put the banner together in Fireworks MX. I hope you like the photos!