Click the buttons above (have faith, they'll load eventually) to select the album to view. I shot around 400 frames at the tournament. Once you click on an album title, there may be a delay as the albums are loading from Click the first image, and nagivate your way on through. Many of the pics have captions, but most do not.

You can access the photopoint players' albums here or the officials' album here if, for some reason, the buttons above give you fits. With luck, photopoint will have resolved their performance issues by the time you read this.


I hope everyone enjoyed the 2000 Opens as much as I and the rest of the U OK? Volleyball Club did. See you next year in Milwaukee!

Todd Haverkos -


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Todd begins the season with an ankle sprain.
When this is how you begin the playing season (2nd tourney), there's nowhere to go but up!



I decided to expand my purist HTML horizons to include Framesets, Javascript rollovers, and other HTML, Dreamweaver, Fireworks goodies all in one fell swoop. If you have gripes or constructive criticism let me know. I'm not a big fan of frames myself, and the load-time overhead of rollover images is questionably useful for a pretty effect. I also apologize if is having a bad day. Their speeds have been very pokey at times.

Photo geeks interested in how this was put together: I shot with a Canon EOS Elan using Sigma 28-70 f/2.8 and 70-210mm f/2.8 lenses. Playing shots were done with available light (convention center was well lighted--1/250s, f/3.5 @ISO 800 was typical), while candids were fill-flash with the Canon 430EZ strobe. Film was a mix of Fuji Superia 800, Kodak Max 800, and Fuji Superia 1600 print film. Scanning was done during processing with the $5 Kodak PhotoNet service provided by local Wolf Camera stores. Once downloaded from Kodak's PhotoNet website, the images were sorted using ACDSee under Windows NT and FTP'd to into requisite albums. No animals were harmed in the making of this film. :-)